Monday, 11 May 2009

Perfect little lady "Millie"

Hi Everyone

Erika & i had a fabulous weekend, Saturday we had a lovely day shopping & the weekend was rounded off with a portrait shoot with "Millie" who was without doubt a natural & so so HAPPY all afternoon, despite the rain showers. We had some great fun, which including a walk or maybe run on role from a very cute doggy, which Millie adored, Erika did too, so maybe we'll be seeing one soon??

Thankyou Millie, Kate & Lee.

Andy & Erika x


  1. Beautiful images Andy - love the two with the umbrella. Great work.

  2. who ever that little girl is shes gorgeous lol the pictures are just gorgeous!!!!!!!! i cant wait till theres one on my wall, the atmosphere on the shoot was lovely and im sure thats why mills was so relaxed....