Friday, 3 July 2009

McDonald Photography is expanding

HI Everbody

Well Erika & i have taken the decision to re-invest this year in our web presence. We're finding so many people are interested in more and more detail. So we decided, if that's what our customers want, your wishes shall be granted. We're now going to have a dedicated portrait site, a dedicated wedding site with lots more detail & also a more complete blog with lots more opportunity to showcase our work in its full glory. We will be working hard to complete this over the next 3-4 weeks so we'll keep you posted with the progress.Of course we're going to have great launch party, well a bottle of bubbly between Erika & I anyhow.

If you ahve any great ideas, drop us a mail we're always interested in hearing your views on what you'd like to see...

If you're planning a wedding this year then we'd love to hear your ideas.

Take care

Andy & Erika x

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